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As a small business owner, I take pride in my work; I'm a consultant first and a business person second. Here is how I differ from other engineering firms:


During the design phase

  1. Whether it's a large-scale project or a small one, your project will never land on the desk of an inexperienced engineer. With over 12 years of experience in structural design and drafting, I will personally execute your project from A to Z.

  2. Plans and calculations are complete by first submittal. Some engineering firms will submit incomplete plans just to meet their deadlines and attempt to fix any problems at a later date. My professional philosophy has always been to submit complete plans by the first plan check which eliminates potential mistakes and delays.

  3. Drafting and detailing are performed by the engineer of record. Drafting and detailing is equally important to me as engineering calculations. The framing plans and details are the finished product that make it to the general contractor and subcontractor—not the calculations. By drafting myself, I gain full control, hence eliminating potential miscommunications.

  4. Lots and lots of custom details. For instance, a two-story 16,000 square feet residential project which was completed in year 2020 had 26 sheets of custom details, the majority of which were drawn to scale. Those detail sheets were in addition to the 15 sheets of typical details. The project ended up with over 41 sheets of details! I always give the framers enough information to build the project without the need to keep issuing RFI's.

  5. The quality and timeliness of my work are of utmost importance. If I'm too busy, I will simply let you know and discuss the timeline of the project with you before taking it on. Meeting your deadline is guaranteed.


During the construction phase

  1. Shop drawings are reviewed thoroughly. Catching errors early on in shop drawings can mitigate unwanted delays during construction.

  2. Responsiveness. Calls, text messages and emails from the field are answered promptly. Responsiveness from the engineer is always on top of the contractor's wish list for running a smooth job during construction. I make sure I'm always available to them whenever they need me, whether for a structural observation or for a general question.

  3. Coordination during construction. Prior to heading out to the site for structural observations, I print out marked-up plans and details which need special attention, such as unconventional framing and custom connections. Such items are discussed with the subcontractors to ensure that the foundation and framing are in conformance with the approved plans.

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